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Urology Sub-Specialties


Although most of us don't normally think of the bladder and pelvis beyond reproductive years, there are a variety of ailments in these areas that reduce the quality of life for women as they age if not appropriately treated. Our highly trained specialists can address problems of urinary leakage and voiding issues, bladder infections, prolapse of the pelvic organs, sexual issues, pelvic pain and lower bowel dysfunction. Even young women, those with neurologic problems and those with issues surrounding childbirth are candidates for evaluation.

1. The Prolapse Centre provides comprehensive conservative (pessaries and Physiotherapy) and surgical ( advanced vaginal and laparoscopic) reconstructive treatment for pelvic organ prolapse.

2. The Centre for Continence ( Urine Leakage) provides comprehensive management for stress urinary incontinence (SUI), urgency incontinence (UI), mixed incontinenece, overflow incontinence, nocturia and urgency and frequency. These include:

  • Non-surgical treatment : Behavioural modification, pelvic muscle training, physiotherapy, and medications.
  • Minimally invasive procedures: Bulking agent injection for SUI and sacral neuromodulation for UI. Advanced surgeries for refractory UI are also performedat our centre. We are one of the few centres in our country to offer sacral neuromodulation for UI.

3. The Bladder and Urethra Centre provides conservative and surgical management of incomplete bladder emptying, urinary tract infections, blood in urine, bladder pain syndromes and urethral diverticula.

4. The Neurology Centre offers comprehensive and chronic management of bladder and bowel problems resulting from neurological problems.

5. The Fistual Centre offers advanced management of complex urogenital fistulas.

6. The Centre for Physiotherapy and Allied Non-Surgical Treatments: SCI offers a comprehensive physiotherapy program for the pelvic floor ( including biofeedback, electrical stimulation and pelvic floor exercises) and  a comprehensive behavioural modification program (including diet and fluid changes, bladder training, timed voiding and urge suppression programs).

7. The Centre for sexual Dysfunction offers multidisciplinarey management in a compassionate manner for sexual problems,

8. The Centre for Pelvic Pain offers comprehensive treatment for pelvic pain problems.

Team Of Experts

Dr.Gautam Banga

MBBS,MS,M.Ch (Urology)
Urologist, Andrologist and Genito -Urinary Reconstructive Surgeon

Dr Vishal Dutt Gour

MBBS,MS,M.Ch (Urology)
Consultant Urologist and Andrologist