Various hospitals are equipped with advanced technologies and experienced surgeons for performing arthroscopic surgery in Delhi. Keyhole surgery is the other name of arthroscopic surgery. It is a type of minimally invasive surgery. In a minimally invasive surgery, a small incision is made. In its literal terms, arthroscopy is made of two words, “arthron” means “the joint” and “skopein” means “to view”. Thus, this procedure is performed to look into the joints with minimal incision.

The arthroscopic procedure is done either for diagnosis of the disease or as corrective surgery. Although, most of the joint problems can be diagnosed based on the medical history of the patient, blood tests, physical examination and

imaging techniques such as MRI and X-rays. However, to have more clarity about the condition, and for evaluating the extent of damage in the internal structures, the arthroscopic procedure can be indicated.

The diseases that can be accurately diagnosed with the arthroscopic procedure are inflammation of shoulder, west, ankle, and knee and acute and chronic injury of important joints such as shoulder, knee, ankle, and elbow.

If the corrective procedure is recommended during diagnosis, an accessory incision is made and specially designed instruments are inserted at the affected site. With the advancement of technology, many diseases are currently treated with arthroscopy such as a meniscal tear of the knee.



The biggest advantage of arthroscopic surgery is minimum recovery time which was quite long with traditional surgery even for a minor injury. This is possible because, in arthroscopic surgery, there is small incision with least tissue damage. Following are the various types of arthroscopic surgeries:

Hip arthroscopy: Various hip joint-related conditions that can be treated through hip arthroscopy includes dysplasia, synovitis, hip joint infection and snapping hip syndromes.

Knee arthroscopy: Ligament repair, meniscus repair and removal of loose fragments can be done through knee arthroscopy.

Spine arthroscopy: Spinal arthroscopy is used to treat various spinal conditions such as spinal disc herniation and spinal deformity.

Wrist arthroscopy: Wrist fractures, carpet tunnel syndrome, chronic wrist pain, and ligament fractures can be treated with wrist arthroscopy.

Temporomandibular Joint arthroscopy: Although not much in use, this arthroscopy is used to remove debris and diagnosing any inflation at the site.

Shoulder arthroscopy: Joint inflammation, damaged cartilage, dislocation, and spur formation can be managed through shoulder arthroscopy.



Following are some of the common arthroscopic procedures:

Diagnostic arthroscopy: Diagnostic arthroscopy is used to diagnose the disease of joints. This may help in providing appropriate treatment. A diagnostic arthroscopy is used for evaluating the extent of damage to joints as well as the severity of inflammation.

Joint debridement: Arthroscopic procedures are also recommended in joint debridement. This involves removal of damaged bone and cartilage with the help of a special instrument.

ACL reconstruction: ACL reconstruction surgery involves replacing a torn ACL ligament with a piece of tendon either taken from another knee or another person.

Synovectomy: In this surgery, synovium, the membrane lining the joint is removed or destroyed. The knee is one of the common sites for this surgery because of the high risk of inflammation in this membrane

Partial or complete meniscectomy: Arthroscopic procedures may also be used to remove complete or partial meniscus located in tibia-femoral joint.



Although many hospitals claim to perform arthroscopic surgery. But some of them failed to maintain the standard protocol required for performing such surgeries. These surgeries require sophisticated instruments with advanced technologies and the surgery should be performed by experienced and trained arthroscopic/orthopedic surgeon. Although the risk associated with this surgery is relatively low the hospital should have a proper arrangement to cater to any emergency.

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SCI International hospital is equipped for performing simple as well as complex surgeries with high accuracy and safety. The orthopedic surgeries performed at SCI International Hospital are arthroscopy and sports injuries, knee arthroscopy,

ACL reconstruction surgery, wrist arthroscopy, shoulder arthroscopy, and diagnostic arthroscopy.


Generally, the criteria considered for the best arthroscopic surgeon is the number of arthroscopic surgeries performed with a high success rate and minimum complications with the desired outcome. SCI International hospital has some of the best arthroscopic surgeons of Delhi-NCR regions like Dr. Vinay Aggarwal, Dr. Nitiraj Oberoi, and Dr. Kamal Bachani.