Bariatric surgery

Bariatric surgery Delhi has been found to be effective in people who are morbidly obese. Last year, reports confirmed that Bariatric surgery Delhi gave positive results in people who had reached fatal-level of obesity. Obesity is one of the most prevalent problems in the world, and also one of the most ignored ones. However, no matter how much you defend obesity as “just being healthy”, the fact remains that obesity is fatal. But losing weight is no easy task, either. While few people have the conviction to follow rigorous diets and exercise routines, many opt for a far more convenient option: surgery. The most common and effective surgery or losing weight is inarguably Bariatric surgery Delhi.

What is Bariatric surgery ?

Even though virtually anyone without other serious ailments can undergo Bariatric surgery Delhi, most doctors follow a general guideline of who should ideally opt for it. In general, a person who has a BMI of 35 or more is eligible for Bariatric surgery Delhi. However, it should be used as a last resort, after all conventional methods, like exercise and dieting, have been tried and failed.

In most cases, patients with additional issues (related to obesity) are given preference. Bariatric procedures are normally focused on high-volume centers. However, it is necessary to have an experienced surgeon overseeing the procedure.

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Types of Bariatric surgery Delhi

We must keep in mind that “Bariatric surgery Delhi” is actually an umbrella term for various surgeries that aim to reduce the size of the stomach. Broadly, they could be categories as restrictive (simply restricting the amount of food you can eat) and malabsorptive (affective the minerals and calories you absorb rom the food). Some of the common procedures that fall under this category are:

1) Gastric sleeve

The most popular bariatric surgical procedure, gastric sleeve permanently reduces the size of stomach by removing a large portion of it. The stomach size is reduced by about 15% and is made into tubular shape. It is, however, irreversible. It makes you feel less hungry and feel full sooner.

2) Gastric bypass

Similar to gastric sleeve, gastric bypass procedure simply cuts away a portion of the stomach instead of folding it. The effects are similar to gastric sleeve. It makes you feel full sooner and also reduces the absorption of minerals.

3) Gastric balloon

Another popular procedure, here an intra-gastric balloon is placed inside the stomach to occupy a certain amount of space. It can be later removed within 6 months. It leads to the temporary feeling of being full sooner while eating.

4) Duodenal switch

The procedure is similar to gastric bypass, except that the duodenum is restricted from the rest of the stomach though a “switch”. The major portion of the stomach is then connected to the small intestine while the duodenum is re-connected to the remaining part. By far the most comprehensive bariatric procedure, it leads to feeling less hungry and full sooner, while the calorie/mineral absorption is reduced.

5) Stomach folding

Stomach folding is similar to gastric sleeve, but less complex. There is no cutting or stapling involved. The stomach is simply folded into a pocket, thereby reducing its size and the amount of food you can consume. It is a recent procedure and has seen some encouraging results.
Other procedures include LAP-BAND, vBloc Therapy and AspireAssist.

The Benefits of Bariatric surgery Delhi

There are numerous reasons why Bariatric surgery Delhi is the most popular weight loss procedure in the world. In general, the surgery follows one or both of the following principles:

– Reduce the feeling of hunger
– Accelerate the feeling of fullness

The two factors lead to reduction in calorie intake, which contributes a lot in weight loss. Both of these factors are characteristic to restrictive surgeries, where the stomach size is reduced. In some cases, the production of ghrelin (hunger hormone) is reduced.

Another important factor noticed in malabsorptive procedures is the reduction of calorie-absorbing abilities, thus ensuring that fewer calories are taken from eating the same amount of food. Similar thing could be done with absorbing minerals. This is achieved by creating a small intestinal tract within the body.

Bariatric surgery Delhi has been so effective due to some of the following reasons:

The aforementioned reduction in hunger hormone, leading to reduced consumption of food.
An induced feeling of nausea after consuming food rich in carbohydrates or sugars, leading to a feeling of aversion to such foods.
Sub-conscious programming of eating habits, ensuring the patients are aware of what food they are eating and whether it will be good for their health.
Reducing the calorie-absorption ability of the body, so that people intake less calories without reducing their portion of food.
There are also some other positive impacts of Bariatric surgery Delhi, such as:
Risk of issues related to obesity, like diabetes and metabolic syndrome, were visibly reduced after the patients underwent bariatric procedures.
In many cases, Bariatric surgery Delhi also led to improved fertility in both men and women. However, it is not clear if it was the result of Bariatric surgery Delhi or simply weight loss.
The immediate weight loss due to Bariatric surgery Delhi without any associated hard work/restrain led to high levels of satisfaction in patients and significantly improved their mental health.

The Side Effects

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In procedures like gastric bypass and duodenal switch, the mineral-absorption of the body is reduced. In some cases, it could be reduced to such an extent where even the necessary amount is not received. For instance, there have been cases of calcium-deficiency that led to problems like osteopenia and secondary hyperparathyroidism.
Malabsorptive procedures can also lead to deficiency of essential micronutrients like vitamin B12 and iron. This can lead to various nutrient-deficiency disorders.
It has been observed that the rapid weight loss after a Bariatric surgery Delhi sometimes led to gallstone development. Adverse effects on kidney and urinary bladder were also observed. It could be deduced that sudden change in the digestion and excretion processes may have impact on specific body parts.

How Successful is Bariatric surgery Delhi?

Bariatric surgery Delhi has a long history of proven results, though the results could be classified on the basis on safety. Restrictive procedures have limited success, but they are also quite safe with no significant side-effects. Malabsorptive procedures, on the other hand, are risky but more successful. Some forms of malabsorptive bariatric surgeries can even lead to loss of more than 50kgs in 3 years.

As far as age groups are concerned, adolescents are the most successfully impacted age group. Almost every Bariatric surgery Delhi in adolescents (with no health condition apart from obesity) has been successful. However, whether the weight loss was long-term is undetermined.


Bariatric surgery Delhi could be a blessing in disguise for people who are morbidly fat and/or cannot lose weight through conventional methods. Unlike other methods like fat-suction, bariatric procedures simply give you tools to control your diet and lose weight the natural way. Though the perfect procedure depends on an individual, it cannot be denied that Bariatric surgery Delhi is one of the most useful tools in fighting the menace of obesity.