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Male Infertility by Delhi based Andrologist Dr. Vishal Gour

Male Infertility  information by Delhi based Andrologist Dr. Vishal Gour

Did you know that 25% to 35% of the time the sole reason of infertility in a couple is the male partner? As a woman is a birth giver, a myth has prevailed that only females are the root cause of infertility. Busting that myth we assure you that both men and women are equally affected by infertility. Imagine yourself having a terrible stomachache that simply means your stomach is not functioning properly; similarly infertility is the result of dysfunctioning of the reproductive system. A major misconception in the society is that infertility is an inconvenience when in reality it’s just like any other ailment. One which can be treated successfully.

There is no definitive cause of why infertility in men occurs.  It can range from various reasons from extensive smoking, chronic alcohol abuse, varicocele to hormonal imbalances, chromosome Defects to name a few. A lesser known fact is that now even mental stress is a rising cause of male infertility.  Each and every individual is different physically hence will be different treatment methods for everyone.

Living in the 21st century where medical science is touching the pinnacle of success. There comes a solution for almost everything. Once the problem is diagnosed, you can consult a specialist, and he will guide you from there. From simple surgeries to taking medicines, all sorts of treatment option are today available very easily.

Unfortunately, the brutal and blunt truth of it all still stays the same. None of these treatments are 100% guaranteed to work on you. Although all these procedures do have a good chance of working but there is always a slim chance of them not achieving the desired goal. In such special cases many patients give up feeling dejected, but that’s when one should actually become more proactive if by any chance the problem is not cured then one should start looking for other alternatives.

One of the most opted paths is sperm donation. It’s a process where a healthy sperm, is inseminated in the female egg to get her pregnant. Most of the clinics are very particular about their sperm donors and use the safe procedure for insemination. Not only has this but the couples also got to choose the sperm donor according to their preference. So that there is complete transparency in the process.

Having a baby is one of the most beautiful experiences of a lifetime. Infertility is something which can be overcome to relish the joy of becoming a parent..



Mr. Sanjay aged 38 years and his wife Mrs. Gayatri33 years visited our clinic a year ago. The couple is married for 3 years and Mrs. Gayatri has not been able to conceive however her reports were fine. The patient has already gone through IUI but it failed. The reason for her infertility was not clear. The couple was highly depressed and disappointed when they contacted uswith their unsuccessful attempts but Dr. Vishal Gour consoled them and proper examination was done on the couple and the problem was found quite instantly. Mr. Sanjay was facing a problem with low sperm count and poor quality of sperms which did not allow pregnancy. So, healthy sperms from the male partner and eggs from the female partner were collected, and Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) technique was used in fertilization which is a common treatment for male infertility cases. Finally the healthy embryo was transferred to the female partner through IVFand now, Mrs. Gayatri is in her 7th month of pregnancy.

Our team is thoroughly excited to welcome the young one in few months. The unsuccessful attempts were due to Male Infertility and Dr. Vishal Gour helped the couple to conceive with the right treatment. It may not be a problem with the woman all time. Getting pregnant involves the good health of both men and women so testing and treating the health condition of men is also required in special cases. This case gives a hope of life to every couple who are worried about getting pregnant.

Mr. Sanjay shares his joyful experience with us:

I’m Sanjay from Surajpur near Noida. I’m 38 years old and my wife Gayatri is 33 now. Being the eldest one in my family, I had to take the responsibility after my father’s demise. So, I ended up marrying late. But, it was a worthy wait because I’m blessed with the most caring and understanding wife.  I got married at the age of 35 and Gayatri was 30 then. It’s 3 years now and after many unsuccessful attempts, we were referred to Dr. Vishal Gour by our close relative. We are glad that we met the doctor who gave us the meaning of our life. Yes, today my wife Gayatri is carrying my baby. She is in her 7th month and in three more months we will be holding our little bundle of happiness.

After visiting Dr. Vishal Gour , I firmly believe that infertility is not just for women but it does affect Men too. I fall into the second category. My wife was not able to conceive due to a problem that I was facing. And our doctor termed it as Male Infertility. We have been traditionally terming the word ‘infertility’ as a women’s problem but at many cases, it can be due to the man alone.

We consulted several doctors in and around Surajpur and my wife had to go through all possible tests and treatment for almost 2 years. It was painful to see her go through so much of physical and mental stress. She had also gone through IUI but it failed. It was always the woman who is questioned for not having a baby and my wife was constantly battling with her emotional imbalances. After several attempts and multiple failures, we became frustrated with our life. But our life changed once we met Dr. Vishal Gour who analyzed both of us and found out the problem as Male Infertility. My wife did not have any complications but it was due to my poor sperm quality, the magic didn’t work out.

Am I failing in my Primal responsibility?

Being a man, getting a diagnosis for Male Infertility issues was too much for me. I was not completely ready at first but my wife was very supportive and consoled me whenever I went low. Dr. Vishal Gour was very caring, attentive and convinced me for the treatment. He put me through few counseling sessions and helped me get through the treatment process very easily.

Is Male Infertility common?

When I pointed out as a reason for my wife not getting pregnant, I had too many questions in mind. Is infertility a common problem among men? The doctor revealed the truth that it is common and there have been many cases where the man is solely responsible for not being able to get her wife pregnant. Infertility in man could be because of a low number of sperms in his ejaculation and there have been cases when men do not ejaculate sperm at all. There are no symptoms or signs of infertility in men because intercourse and ejaculations happen very normally and without any difficulties. The doctors can confirm only after medical tests as the quality and the quantity of the sperms are not visible through naked eyes.

Men’s fertility explained in simple terms

Dr. Vishal Gour explained each and every process of fertilization, men, and women reproductive system and the treatment process that has helped me gain knowledge about the reasons of unsuccessful pregnancy.

The sperms are made in the testicles and are stored in epididymis which is found on top of each testicle. Semen is found on the glands which also nourishes the sperm. When the man ejaculates, more than millions of sperm are ejaculated along with the semen through the penis. The whole process is successful and fertile when the testosterone and other hormones do their work properly and send the correct signal to the nervous system.

What test did I go through?

Yes, I have read your mind! Do you want to know what kind of tests we did to check the fertility level?

Semen and Sperm analysis: I had complete privacy during this test and the experience is not as bad as you think. I was asked to provide the experts with the fresh sample of my semen which I did. The sperm count, shape, size and the movements were analyzed. Generally, men with high sperm count are fertile but exceptions are very common. There are men who can still be fertile with a low number of sperms and abnormally shaped sperms. But, I wasn’t lucky here. I had a very low count of sperm and their quality was too low.

Secondly the Physical examinations: The urologist examined me completely looking for hormone problems and other imbalances.

Testosterone Evaluation: Testosterone along with multiple other hormones is made by the brain but lucky these hormonal issues do not contribute to major infertility in men.

Testicular biopsy: Due to my low sperm count, I had to go through this test. A needle biopsy of the testicle helps the doctor in finding our whether a man is producing healthy sperm. If the sperm count is perfect, they are examined for blockage.

Genetic tests: Sometimes infertility comes from our genes so different genetic tests are done to find out the exact cause of Male Infertility.

The Good news is here!

Most of the fertility issues for both men and women can be corrected using simple procedures. Dr. Vishal Gour ’s extensive knowledge in Male Infertility issues. The goal of the treatment was to create a pregnancy. And the infertility treatment in men is meant to allow normal conception. However, in certain cases, other conception methods are preferred.

What are the treatments available for men?

Varicocele: A minor surgery is done to connect the veins to the Varicocele that allows free flow of sperm. This also allows natural pregnancy.

Hormone problems: These can be corrected and treated with medicine and surgery

Sperm transport issue: This can be corrected with simple surgery.

If any of these treatments do not work, the doctor refers the assisted reproductive technique which gives sperm an artificial boost to reach the egg. Dr. Vishal Gour  has made conception possible in spite of the low sperm count and its poor quality.

I had gone through Assisted Reproductive Technique

The sperms are collected directly from the testicle or through ejaculation and are fertilized with the eggs. Some patients are referred for IVF where the eggs from the female partner are collected and are fertilized with the sperms in the incubator and are again transferred to the uterus. In other cases, ICSI meaning Intracytoplasmic sperm injection procedure is done. Here, a single healthy sperm is directly injected into the egg and the fertilized egg is implanted in the womb. In my case, the semen was collected and the healthy sperm was fertilized with the eggs and then it was transferred to my wife through IVF.

My wife’s treatment

My wife was advised to take hormone pills to produce healthy eggs. Here ovulation period was monitored and fertile eggs were retrieved from her for fertilization. After fertilization, she had gone through IVF with successful results.

Due to the advanced medical assistance, age is never a hindrance to getting pregnant. Dr. Vishal Gour was very friendly and patient and he handled the treatment process very well. The doctor is very patient and he does not directly jump for treatment and medicines. The one difference I observed from Dr. Vishal Gour from the others is his experience and knowledge in Male Infertility.

He listens and explains every procedure very carefully. He did through analysis and took necessary tests and helped us understand the levels of infertility and the possible causes. I was worried about my health condition but he consoled me and helped me to understand that it is common with every man and it is not something weird.

How did I feel?

Highly disappointed! Yes, I was completely disappointed and an unpleasant surprise when the doctors found that I was infertile. When my wife failed to conceive, all the blames were on her which made me feel very low. I did not have the courage to face her but it was Dr. Vishal Gour  who helped me to recover from the state of depression and helped me to get back to normal from my emotional disturbances.

It was completely the support from Dr. Vishal Gour  and the immense love I received from my wife that helped me undergo all the tests and go for the treatment. The treatment was private and the results are just awesome.

Dear men, please beware!

One advice to my fellow men, do not let your habit affect your fertility. Some men are born infertile and few other are affected due to stress, environment, and their health conditions but there are other men who get infected and affected due to their own habit. Drug addiction is the main culprit. If you have the habit of drinking and smoking, it is advisable to reduce it and stop it completely for you to have a better health. Hot water bath and whirlpools can also bring down the quality of the sperm. Eating healthy food and taking nutritious food will always keep you healthy and improves your level of fertility.

My advice

Do not consider Male Infertility as a threat or danger. It is relatively common and there are many factors that decide the fertility level. Do not feel low at any point of time but consult the right doctor and get it treated quickly. Do not shy away from the reality; after all, you have to face it, if not now but later! I have shared my experience with you so that you know there are advanced treatments to help you have a child.

About the clinic and Dr. Vishal Gour

I must really thank my relative for referring me to Dr. Vishal Gour  who was very patient and provided the right treatment. He examined and gave us all information regarding the different types of treatment available. He would explain the treatment procedure and also inform us the outcome which helped us to know what was happening to us. The doctor also ensured that the work happened quickly without creating too much of chaos.

The staffs at the clinic are very approachable and they are friendly. They give us all information we needed and advised us rightly. They were at our help whenever we needed them. The infrastructure of the clinic is maintained very well and there is a room for privacy you can experience here. The friendly staffs carry a smile on their face all time and they offer help anytime.

I’m sure this would help many families with healthy babies. Accepting Male Infertility will not put you down so take necessary steps that will help you to build your family. I and Gayatri are glad to have met Dr. Vishal Gour  who gave us a meaning of life.

Our dream of having a baby and making a family has come true. We are overjoyed and expecting a little charm really soon. Hope this works as an eye opener for those who are looking for a successful solution after many unsuccessful attempts.

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IVF Treatment Best & Affordable

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

Infertility is a dark, lonely situation which is hard to experience. It is difficult to live with the reality which comes with the countless trying, investigations and failure to conceive even after the various procedures. Medical science with its increasing advances has created a reproductive assistance to the infertile couples. In Vitro Fertilization or popularly known as IVF wherein the egg and sperm are fertilized in a laboratory dish and then transferred to the uterus.

Sir Robert Edwards and Patrick Steptoe are the pioneers of IVF in 1978. Louise Brown is the first test tube baby born by IVF. Infertility can be due to both male and female factors which needs to be assessed carefully.

Which are the couples who can go for In Vitro Fertilization?

IVF can be useful in the patients with following conditions:

  • Women with blocked fallopian tubes
  • Male having low sperm count or abnormal structure and motility of sperms
  • Women with Endometriosis , ovarian failure, and ovulation disorders
  • Couples having genetic diseases in which conceiving is difficult
  • Unexplained infertility

What are the procedures of In Vitro Fertilization?

A couple has to undergo five steps  in IVF:

1: Stimulation of ovaries for egg production:

Fertility drugs are given to stimulate the ovaries for ovulation or known as egg production. Normally, only one egg is released from ovaries.  Fertility drugs cause the ovaries to produce many eggs. Follicular studies are done to monitor the follicular growth and development through transvaginal ultrasounds.  Blood tests are also done to check levels of hormones.

2. Retrieving of eggs

A small outpatient procedure is carried out to retrieve the eggs/follicular fluid aspiration from woman’s ovaries .The woman is put under anaesthesia. There is continuous monitoring of the woman’s reproductive system by ultrasound imaging. The doctor inserts a needle connected to a suction device into the vagina and then in the follicles of ovary. The device pulls the eggs from the follicles one by one. This step is repeated with the other ovary

In cases where a woman cannot produce their own eggs, they are taken  from egg donors from ART banks

  1. Combining and fertilization:

The combining of the sperm and the egg is known as insemination. This is stored in a controlled temperature in the laboratory. Fertilization occurs when the sperm enters an egg which happens within few hours.

Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) is the process where the sperm is directly injected into the egg. This is carried out when the chances of fertilization might be low.

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  1. Embryo culture:

Division of the fertilized egg results into an embryo. A constant check is done on the growth of the embryo. A normal and healthy embryo is which divides actively. If there are chances of a strong genetic disorder transferring to the child, a pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) is done 3-4 days after fertilization. Genetic material from the embryo is screened for the disorders.

  1. Embryo transfer:

The final and important step in IVF is placing the embryos in the uterus after about 3 to 5 days from fertilization.

A catheter (thin tube) containing the embryos  inserts through the vagina, then cervix and up into the uterus. The woman is awake during this procedure.

When the embryo gets implanted in the uterine lining and grows,  woman gets pregnant.

Chances of twins, triplets increase when more than one embryo is transfer into the uterus.

Doctors can store the unused extra embryos in frozen form . If first embryo transfer fails , frozen embryos can later be utilise in next attempt .

What are the benefits of In Vitro Fertilization and why should couples consider IVF?

  1. When couples who are trying to conceive are tired with the various infertility treatments, IVF techniques offers them their best chances for success. Due to ever increasing developments and new technology in the field  of this  procedure,  IVF success rates are now even better.
  2. IVF is also used during surrogacy especially for woman who is physically unfit to carry a full-term pregnancy.
  3. IVF is out in couples who have a low ovarian reserve or low or nil sperm count. In such cases donate eggs/sperms are utilise for IVF and the pregnancy chances increase with donor gametes
  4. Couples who focus on careers can store (cryopreservation) their eggs and sperms to carry out IVF in future.
  5. IVF decreases the chances of genetic disorders (Down’s syndrome, sickle cell anemia to name a few) due to PGD carried out during the procedure. Hence the possibility of healthy baby increases.
  6. IVF has lessen the number of abortions which occurs most often due to genetic abnormality.
  7. PCOS is the most common cause of hormonal imbalance and irregular ovulation in females. IVF has been successful in such cases where the ovulation is facility by giving fertility drugs.
  8. Women aged more than 40 years having low ovarian reserve are the suitable patients for in vitro fertilization.


Even though with many benefits of in vitro fertilization, there are few complications which can occur. Fertility medicines may give rise to abdominal pain, headaches, acidity, mood swings and bloating. Overresponse to these medicines in rare circumstances can cause ovarian hyperstimulationsyndrome (OHSS ).

Success rate of IVF:

IVF has a high success rate over other assisted reproductive technology. However, IVF may not be successful in each and every case.

Risks associated with IVF procedure:

There is a chance of bleeding, rupture of bowel or bladder and infection during egg retrieval step.

IVF carries a risk of multiple pregnancy when many embryos are transfer which in turn may give rise to low birth weight baby and premature delivery.

The major impact of in vitro fertilization on patients is on their finances due to its high cost. Emotionally couples are not satisfy in case of In Vitro Fertilization failure.

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