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Types of Stone Treatments

ESWL (Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy)

ESWL uses Ultrasound waves to create strong vibrations (shock waves) that break the stones into tiny pieces that can be passed in your urine. The procedure lasts about 45 to 60 minutes and can cause moderate pain, so you may be under sedation or light anaesthesia to make you comfortable. Multiple sittings might be required for Kidney Stone Treatment.

PCNL (Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy )

This is a surgery to remove  large stones present in the kidney. It is a procedure named Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy (PCNL) which surgically removes a kidney stone using small telescopes and instruments inserted through a small incision. Mini PCNL , Ultra Mini PCNL are also available.

URS (Ureteroscopy)

It is a procedure in which a small scope (like a flexible telescope) is inserted into the bladder and ureter and it is used to diagnose and treat a variety of problems in the urinary tract. For ureteral stones, it allows the urologist to actually look into the ureter, find the stone and remove it. The surgeon passes a tiny wire basket into the lower ureter via the bladder, grabs the stone and pulls the stone free. This is an outpatient procedure with or without a stent inserted (a tube that is placed in the ureter to hold it open).

Retrograde Internal Surgery (RIRS/Flexible URS)

This is a procedure for doing surgery within the kidney using a viewing tube called a fiberoptic Ureteroscope. RIRS is used mainly to remove stone in kidney and is performed by a specialist where the stone is seen through the scope and fragmented by Holmium Laser.

Gall Bladder Stone Treatment/Laparoscopy Chloecystectomy

Gall bladder is a pear shaped pouch which is located under the liver. Its primary function is to store and concentrate bile. Gall bladder also secretes mucus .The gallbladder serves as a reservoir for bile while it’s not being used for digestion. The bile helps the digestive process by breaking up fats. It also drains waste products from the liver into the duodenum, a part of the small intestine.

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Best & Affordable Laser Prostate Surgery India

Laser Prostate Surgery India at SCI International Hospital is best and affordable. The prostate is a small gland which is situated between the penis and the bladder. The prostate produces a fluid that helps in the nourishment of the sperm. At the time of ejaculation, the prostate releases this fluid into the urethra, and the same is emitted out with sperm as semen.

There are certain conditions of prostate that may develop in men. They include:

  • Prostatitis – It is a condition of inflammation of the prostate, usually as a result of infection. This can be treated with the help of antibiotics.
  • Enlarged Prostate – Enlarged prostate also known as benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) is the most common issue with all men above the age of 50 years.
  • Prostate Cancer – Radiation, surgery, chemotherapy and hormone therapy serves as the treatment methods for curing prostate cancer.


Case Study for Laser Prostate Surgery India ( Prostate Enlargement)

A 62-years-old, -90kg Asian origin male was experiencing Urinary Retention coupled with severe pain & irritation in his lower urinary tract. He went to the physician to identify the issue.

The various diagnosis reports pertaining to BP, Urine culture, Pulse rate and Ultrasound came out normal. He was a non-smoker and was not allergic to any medicines.

Looking into the medical condition of the patient doctor kept him on medication for a week. After one week the patient again visited the doctor with a complaint of lower abdominal pain, constipation, urine overflow and issue in abdominal area. He was asked to take up laboratory tests that included urine test, Blood CP and Ultrasound again. For new diagnosis, Physician prescribe further one week of therapy, continuing Noroxin tabs & Prostreate tabs from the old prescription with addition of  Voltaren 50mg tabs (oral) bid; Ezilax 2-tabs (oral) once at bed time; Zentel 200mg suspension (oral); Secnil Forte 1g tabs (oral) 2-tabs oid (once a day). He was asked to revisit after a week.

The condition of the patient did not improved and he was referred to a urologist. The urologist diagnosed him with prostate enlargement (BPH). Lab tests including ultrasound & quick catheterization were advised. Ultrasound reports showed enlarged prostate of weight 93 grams. On the basis of lab reports, the urologist suggested a Laser Prostate Surgery India.

During the Laser Prostate Surgery India the doctor inserted a scope through the tip of the patient’s penis into the tube that carries urine from the bladder (urethra). The prostate surrounds the urethra. A laser passed through the scope delivered energy that removed excess tissue that was preventing urine flow. The patient was put on catheter for next three days to ensure a smooth urine flow. A continuous check was kept to ensure that there was no blood discharge with the urine.

The patient was discharged next day post-laser surgery and was advised to take certain precautions. The patient was advised to take rest for a month and not to take up strenuous exercise, increase fluid intake, eat fibrous food and not to ride a two wheeler for a month.

Laser Prostate Surgery India Laser surgery is preferred by doctors to treat BPH due to the following reasons:

  • Minimise chances of bleeding
  • Shorter or no hospital stay- Laser procedure can be done as an OPD procedure
  • Results are more fast and evident
  • Recovery is fast
  • Less need for catheter is there.

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