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A couple far in Afghanistan was so delighted at the time of their first son’s birth in October 2017. The family called for a great celebration for their first child birth.

They named him Waaris (changed name). Kid was healthy and active. He had made the environment pleasant at home with his innocent smiles. He used to cry as well the way usually infants do but with his growing age his crying got intense and became the cause of concern to parents. They used to try every possible way to pacify the child but they had no other option to feel sad at that moment as the small kid could not even tell his problem to them.

Time passed away and the boy turned eight months.

It was a normal day, boy was playing with his toys, all of a sudden, he started crying out loud. His parents could not understand the reason behind that. But they could feel his painful state, they got worried and rushed to his paediatrician in Kabul. The doctor evaluated the kid and helped him with the immediate relief by injecting the analgesics (Painkiller).

The Paediatrician advised them to get an ultrasound KUB done for KIDNEY STONE IN CHILDRENtheir child to find out the possible cause. The Parents did not delay the ultrasound, the very next day it was done which depicted stones in both the kidneys of the child. They suspected kidney stone in children.

Their Paediatrician advised them to see a Urologist (who treats kidney stone in children) on urgent basis as the stones were of significant size and moreover the patient( kidney stone in children) was mere eight months old.

So now parents started exploring good Urology hospital (who is expert in managing kidney stones in children)  in New Delhi, India. They checked out many hospitals and the Urologists profile on their website but they found SCI International Hospital the best suited for their kid. They considered the Urologists at SCI International Hospital for their Son’s kidney stone treatment. SCI International Hospital is an advanced Urology and Andrology centre located in Greater kailash, part-1, New Delhi equipped with the most sophisticated and latest modalities for any Urology surgery.

We have skilled and experienced urologists at SCI Hospital. Success rates are excellent. In three years of establishment SCI Hospital’s Urology team has treated patients from more than 35 countries.

So, the parents started the preparations to visit SCI International Hospital in Delhi. Time elapsed and they arrived in Delhi when their son was 10 months old. The patient (who was diagnosed to have kidney stone) was evaluated by the Urologist at SCI Hospital on 16th August 2018. They were answered to their all queries and concerns up to their satisfaction.

They were explained that kidney stones in infants and children are not common although if your kid is diagnosed with kidney stones then there is no need to worry about as at SCI International Hospital kidney stones can be removed safely with minimum invasive surgery in children and infants as well.

They were explained if kidney stones are not removed, the stones may migrate from kidney to Ureter and can create more problems to the patient. The stones which remain in the kidney can increase in size and can be a source of recurrent Urinary Tract Infection associated with pain while urinating and sometimes haematuria (blood in urine).

They were advised to go for surgical intervention, Mini PCNL under general anaesthesia for their kid. Since the kid was 10 months old so parents were apparently apprehensive for the surgical intervention. Urologist at SCI Hospital tried to clarify their all doubts and fears about the surgery.  They were explained about the clinical outcome.

With the empathetic and professional behaviour of the urologist and administration staff, the parents got convinced for Mini PCNL.

The patient (diagnosed to have a kidney stone) was being evaluated by the Paediatrician and Anaesthetist at SCI after the Urologist consultation. Paediatrician recommended medications for two days because the patient had a flu.

After two days as scheduled, the very young patient was taken into Operation theatre. Our Urologists, Anaesthetists, Nursing staff, OT staff, administration staff everybody understand how difficult it is for any parent to see their infant/child getting operated. So, the patient was handled cautiously at each step.

Surgery, Mini PCNL lasted for 40 minutes, it was carried out safely. The patient was kept in recovery area for few hours under observation of intensivists. He was shifted to the room at the earliest possible so as to provide him, his Mother’s warmth.

The evacuated stones were shown to the parents and were sent to the laboratory for stone analysis to know the cause of their formation. Patient was discharged after 2 days with the instructions to come for a follow up after a week and stents removal after two weeks.

Our team of Urologists  performed Mini PCNL on a 10 months old patient safely and minimally traumatic makes SCI International Hospital proud.

Kidney stones in children are not common but SCI Advanced Urology hospital (specialised in kidney stone in children) advises every parent to consult their paediatrician or Neonatologist (specialists in kidney stone in children) regularly to avoid the last-minute hassles and to avoid your kid’s sufferings.

Stone surgery in Paediatric patients is demanding and need team efforts involving Paediatrician. Anaesthetist, OT staff and Urologist (specialist for the kidney stone in children) trained in such procedures. Right hospital with the skilled team can make your child stone free with minimal discomfort.

Opposite to the normal belief that such procedures are expensive, SCI International Hospital, Greater Kailash-1, New Delhi manages such cases at an affordable price.

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Best Kidney Stone Treatment Delhi

Best Kidney stone treatment Delhi

If you feel there is an issue of the kidney, here we have listed all the details with complete information here, And not to worry as kidney stone treatment Delhi is completely treatable.

What are Kidney Stones

kindney stone treatment in delhiAs the name implies, Kidney stones are formed in the kidneys. The Kidney is one of the most essential organs of the human body. It is responsible for filtering the human blood by removing the waste/ unnecessary products in the blood which could potentially become toxic if unfiltered. The Kidney is necessary to maintain the electrolyte levels in the blood are balanced to ensure homeostasis. The Kidney eliminates the waste products in both liquid and solid form. It is when this process is inhibited by controlling the urine, kidney stones are formed. The urine consists of a number of chemicals when can crystallize when placed in a constant acidic liquid environment. This process of crystallization is the beginning of the formation of kidney stones which are initially  they can quickly accumulate and grow larger than an inch over time.

It is referred to as Urolithiasis while the kidney stones are referred to as Nephrolithiasis and the stones in the ureter are termed as Urolithiasis. The location of the stone in the Kidney or urinary tract is more important than its size. It should be first determined if the stone is preventing the flow of urine as this could quickly lead to various other complications and become potentially dangerous. But such a scenario is rare since the pressure built by the constant influx of urine over time will push the stone through the course of the urine flows, this will relieve the blockage and in most cases even alleviate the symptoms of kidney stones.

How does kidney stone affect the body?

kidney stone treatment delhiWhile often times, the smallest kidney stones can directly passed out of the body with the mere pressure of the urine build up even without the person ever knowing it, sometimes this is not the case and kidney stone can grow to larger proportions.

Kidney stones create a severe sensation of pain when passing through the ureter. The ureter is a tiny tube for the collection of urine into the bladder. The sharp pain is often felt at the back below the hips and at the sides often times along with vomiting, fever, chills, nausea and blood in the urine.

Large kidney stones can especially be life-threatening as they can potentially block the urinary tract and cause the kidney to shut down over time. Kidney stone occurrences in men have been reported to be higher than women, this could be because of a number of factors and men often hold their bowels for longer.

How are kidney stone formed?


Kidney stones are essentially crystallized masses of mineral and other deposits in differing sizes that form within the kidneys but are not limited to it. Kidney stones are primarily formed because of excess minerals like calcium, oxalate, phosphate and uric acid. While often times, a good amount of these substances are filtered out in the urine, excess amounts can remain within the kidney to accumulate into a stone. Kidney stone formation can also be a genetic disorder since some people have an abnormal condition where their kidneys do not filter substances on par with a normal functioning one.

While various substances can cause kidney stones, the following ones are quite common: oxalates found in most soft drinks, calcium present in milk products, tomatoes, green leafy vegetable and uric acid found in mutton. Common sense denotes that it is incorrect to denounce these foods altogether since they form the major components of a balanced diet, consuming them in quantities more than one’s metabolism can handle is something to be avoided.


Kidney stone treatment Delhi at SCI international Hospital

kidney stone treatment delhiDue to the prevalence of the issue and its seriousness, there are a number of treatment centers in Delhi that have equipped themselves to treat the pain of the patients suffering from Kidney stones. One of the leading hospitals that offer excellent Kidney stone treatment Delhi is SCI international hospital located near Greater Kailash in Delhi. The SCI Hospital (Surgical Centre of India) has been established with the core motto to provide world-class healthcare facilities across all the sections of the society at an economical price while carrying out the treatments with excellent ethical practice and professional competency.

The SCI Hospital also provide OPF services in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Minimal Invasive Surgery, Urology, General Surgery, IVF, Paediatrics, Trauma, Orthopaedics, Neurosurgery, Joint Replacement.

The hospital has an excellent infrastructure that houses the team of well-trained medical experts who are well equipped to handle severe cases that require intensive care.

The Hospital has 3 sets of well-equipped Modular Operation Theatres that minimizes chances of infection with High-Efficiency Particulate Arrestance (HEPA) Filters and it has Labor Delivery Rooms (LDR), 10 bedded well equipped Intensive Care Unit (ICU, one Minor Operation Theatre and 15-bed Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). It also has reputed and well qualified experienced Consultants in all specialties working in the Hospital. The hospital has Single Private, Super Deluxe, Sharing, Executive and Twin Room Suite with centralized Air conditioning.

The Hospital also provides a 24-hour ambulance service along with doctors who respond as soon as emergency strikes. The hospital has also had many positive feedbacks from the patient who underwent Kidney stone treatment Delhi with them.

The different Kinds of Kidney Stones


kidney treatment delhiThere are many different Kinds of Kidney Stones and identifying the kinds of various kidney stone one is suffering from can provide the information  the doctors cthe ideas on manner to treat the sick. Following is a compilation of the different Kinds of Kidney Stones.

  • Uric acid stones:
  • Struvite Stones:

SCI hospital is equipped with adequate infrastructure to detect the presence of these types of stones and treat them before they grow out of proportions.

  • Cystine stones:

Cystines stones often happens to those who have a hereditary disorder. These Kinds of Kidney Stones are generally recurring and one needs constant supervision to ensure that they are healthy and not at risk

  • Calcium stones:

Calcium stones are the most common Kinds of Kidney Stones and are usually found in the form of Calcium Oxalates. Some vegetables and fruits, have higher than normal oxalate levels. Oxalate is a naturally occurring substance found in most food sources. Calcium stones have also been observed to occur in the form of calcium phosphate. These Kinds of Kidney Stones are quite easily treated by the SCI hospital in Delhi.

  • Other stones:

There are a few other Kinds of Kidney Stones which are not common, but can have consequences, these types of stones differ from person to person and hence cannot be distinctly listed as their occurrence is quite rare.

How can you identify Kidney Stone?

kidney stone treatment delhiThere is a high chance a kidney stone may not cause any symptoms help you identify if you have a kidney stone:

  • There is a severe pain in the back and side, below the ribs
  • The patient experiences nausea and vomiting
  • The patient experiences the urine is in dark color.
  • There is pain during urination
  • There is a persistent need to urinate
  • The urine appears cloudy or is foul-smelling.
  • The patient is unable to urinate in a single sitting and has to resort to urinating small amounts of urine at a time.
  • The patient experiences fever.

The  from the portion of the human body to the other depending on the position and movement of the kidney stone as it is in the urinary tract where there are a constant influx and efflux of fluids.

What leads to Kidney Stones

There are several factors that can potentially lead up to a kidney stone or can increase the risk of someone developing a kidney stone and the following is a list of the major factors:

  • Dehydration:

One of the major causes of Kidney stones is dehydration. Forgetting to keep oneself hydrated adequately each day can increase the risk of kidney stones.

Digestive diseases and surgery:

Certain types of surgeries can potentially  water leading to increased the urine. Some of the surgeries or diseases that can lead to kidney stone formation are Gastric bypass surgery, inflammatory bowel disease or chronic diarrhea.

  • Family or personal history:

If someone in the family of the patient already has kidney stones, then there is a high chance that they are likely to develop stones, too. And if the said person has already had one or more kidney stones, then they are at increased risk of developing another one. Such patients must take precautionary tests periodically to ensure that they are hale and healthy.


  • Certain Diets:

Certain types of diets are more susceptible to lead to a kidney stones. 

  • Other reasons:

There are many other medical reason for Kidney Stone, like renal issue. Consult the specialists now to understand what’s happening. 

The Preliminary Tests required for Kidney Stone Treatment Delhi

If the patient is suspected to be carrying a kidney stone, he or she is advised to take up the following tests:

  • Imaging tests are used to detect . The are many different options for Imaging tests which help in revealing the problem in kidney stone. Like CT scan, X-Ray, etc..


  • Other imaging options

The other types of imaging options included for that consult your specialists.


Blood testing.

This is crucial since blood tests may accurately reveal excess calcium or uric acid in the patient’s blood. Blood test results also help monitor the health of the patient’s kidneys and may lead the doctor to check for other medical conditions.

The Lab analysis of these kidney stones will reveal their makeup.

All of these tests are available and carried out by medical experts at the SCI Hospital for Kidney stone treatment Delhi. 

Types of Kidney Stone Treatment

The kidney stone treatment delhi relies on the type, size and location of the stone. On a simpler level, they are classified as Small stones and large stones and their treatment are as follows:

For smaller stones, the following kidney stone treatment delhi is advised:

  • Drinking a lot of water

Drinking a lot of water is essential for cleaning out the urinary tract and forcing the smaller stones out of the kidney’s system. Unless the doctor advises otherwise.

For larger kidney stones, the following kidney stone treatment Delhi is recommended and carried out:

Certain types of kidney stone can’t be corrected by home remedies, or only by medication.

Procedures include as:

In some cases, the calcium phosphate stones are caused by overactive parathyroid glands. These glands are located on the four corners of the thyroid gland, just below the patient’s Adam’s apple. When these glands produce the excessive parathyroid hormone (hyperparathyroidism), the calcium levels of the patient can become very high and supersaturation may eventually lead to the formation of kidney stones. Hyperparathyroidism sometimes occurs when a small, benign tumour form in one of the parathyroid glands or the patient develops another condition that could lead these glands to produce the more parathyroid hormone that is required. It is recommended to remove the growth from the gland to stop the formation of kidney stones. Alternatively, the doctor may recommend kidney stone treatment delhi of the condition that’s causing the parathyroid gland to overproduce the hormone.

  • Scope for the removal

Precautions and Preventions for Kidney Stone Treatment Delhi

One of the major ways to prevent kidney stones is to drink large quantities of water and keep oneself hydrated. The doctors may also advise the patient to reduce intake of the following foods due to the excess amounts of oxalates present in them:

  • peanuts
  • okra
  • beets
  • black Indian tea
  • swiss chard
  • rhubarb
  • sweet potatoes
  • wheat germ
  • soybean crackers
  • chocolate
  • Spinach

If you need any further information on kidney stone treatment Delhi and need Doctors advice, please let us know on the same.

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