Roles of Urology and Andology Experts in Treatment of Excretory and Reproductive Systems Disorders

If you are dealing with any type of disorder associated with reproductive organs, genitals or
excretory systems, you should definitely contact with a reputed urology and andology expert in
your area. Today, based on drastic advancements in the medical sector, one can easily undergo
with proper diagnosis and treatment of various urinary and reproductive organs’ problems even
with less possible complications in the near future.

Services Scope under Urology

While approaching urology and andology experts, you will expect to receive the following
major services under urology section-

  • Firstly, under urology, you will expect to undergo with preventative urological-based
    checkups focusing on major complications, which include-

    • Enlargement of the benign prostate
    • Prostate cancer
    • Detection/diagnose of cancer in gall bladder in combination with DNA test
  • Secondly, most of the clinics perform ultrasound examination of prostate, nephrons or
    kidneys and the bladder.
  • Besides this, if you are dealing with the problem of inconsistence urine or anything
    similar, your urologist recommends you to go for uro-dynamic test.
  • Along with this, if your urinary and/or reproductive organs disorder requires surgery, you
    should approach urology and andology experts to undergo the required surgical

Services Scope under Andrology

You will expect to get the following diagnosis, treatment procedures and surgeries undergo
Andrology department in any hospital or clinic.

  • Disorders and dysfunctions related to sexual desire and sexual performance
  • Erection loss, sexual arousal and sexual and orgasm satisfaction problems
  • Decline in the sex hormones, which often result in reduction in sexual activities
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Disorders related to sperm production or relatively low motility of the sperm
  • Semen analysis
  • To conclude we should say that both urologists and andrologists play significant roles to
    overcome urinary and reproductive-based problems in a hassle-free way and in less possible span
    of time.

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