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Overcome Taboo: Talk about Male Infertility

Male Infertility is not a taboo anymore, it is any health issue in a man that decreases the chances of his female partner to get pregnant.

Infertility affects men as much as affects women. In about 20% of infertile couples.

Male infertility is the sole cause of the inability to conceive and overall male factor is responsible in 40-50% of cases as sole or contributing factor.

It is diagnosed when, after testing both male and female partners, reproductive problems has been found in the male.

It is one of the most common and yet a taboo health issue that affects people from all over the world, transcending boundaries of gender, caste, or social status.

And with the predominantly patriarchal world that we live in, male infertility is treated as something that is unthinkable.

It doesn’t get the necessary discussion or awareness that it warrants.

This is something that causes harm to many of those who actually suffer from this condition.

male infertility

There are no immediate clues to infertility. From the outside, you can’t see the damage within.

Like the banks in the financial meltdown, you have no idea how badly things aren’t working the way they are meant to.

Reasons of Male Infertility

The reason behind this can be because of many different reasons – erectile dysfunction, low sperm count, poor sperm motility or morphology.

The most heart breaking for any male visiting a fertility clinic is when his semen report comes as zero sperm count.

It affects approximately 15% of infertile men.

Do not live in a fear that “I have ‘not-fertile enough-to-be-a-man’ flu” as with the advancement in medical science and the availability of advanced technology for treatment majority of low sperm patients have the chance to have their own genetic child.

Sperms is detected in men by Micro surgical Testicular Sperm Extraction /Mirco-Tese in the testicles who have poor sperm production.

It is a new technique for targeted removal of sperm (male gamete-shukranu) tissue forming in men with no sperm in the semen analysis. It is rather a miracle stage, a boon for male infertility.  

Traditional methods of finding sperm (Testicular Biopsy, FNAC, TESE, TESA) have poor success rate of finding sperm.

Micro-Tese has the following advantages:

  •       Higher Sperm retrieval rate
  •       Less amount of tissue removed
  •       Minimum Testicular trauma
  •       Less Hormonal difference in testosterone after micro-TESE vs conventional
  •      This procedure is becoming standard of care of patients with no sperm.
Dr.Vishal Dutt Gour
Dr.Vishal Dutt Gour

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