Best Andrologist in Delhi : Dr. Vishal Gour

Best Andrologist in Delhi : Dr. Vishal Gour

Androogist is the  one who deals with male health and specially with the problems of the male reproductive system.

Till some time ago, male fertility was not paid much attention to, in our country. But, with changing times and increasing awareness, much is being discussed about Male Fertility.

Infertility affects men as much as affects women .In about 20% of infertile couples, Male infertility is the sole cause of the inability to conceive and overall male factor is responsible in 40-50% of cases as sole or contributing factor.

Male Infertility refers to the biological inability of a Male to contribute to conception when the female partner is normal. In such case an Andrologist who is specialist in male infertility is the doctor whom should be consulted for best advice.

CASE STUDY:  How Gaurav’s Infertility got Treated

So begins a story of a couple (Gaurav and Radhika-changed names) who were trying to have kids for a while. Even after unprotected intercourse for 4 years they were deprived of becoming parents. As days, and then years, went by, they started to get frustrated.

They did all the home tests, and even scheduled things down to the day which were needed to be done.   First step was for wife (Radhika) to go to the “Women’s” doctor i.e. Gynaecologist.

After a series of tests for her, it was husband’s (Gaurav’s ) turn as she had no problem which could prove as a hindrance in conceiving.

They started wandering at many clinics which claim to be infertility specialists. Husband was diagnosed with infertility. Gaurav was found infertile which came into picture after a certain tests he went through. His Semen analysis report depicted that he had low sperm count. He started look on out for the best Andrologist in Delhi.


It was a very difficult phase for the couple to know that male factor is the sole cause of the inability to conceive. Male Infertility is one of the most common and yet a taboo health issue that affects people from all over the world, transcending boundaries of gender, caste, or social status.

And with the predominantly patriarchal world that we live in, male infertility is treated as something that is unthinkable and doesn’t get the necessary discussion or awareness that it warrants.

Now even after taking medicines, certain injections for boosting his fertility they were deprived of that special feel of being a parent.

A more year passed but the situation was still same which was 4 years back. They were frustrated to the core. Relatives and friends suggested them to adopt one child but they had not given hope yet.

They started exploring for the best Male infertility Specialist in Delhi. So they came to Dr.Vishal Gour Andrologist and Male infertility specialist at SCI International Hospital. The husband was counselled and assessed thoroughly by Dr.Vishal Gour.

A series of tests are required for a male with infertility. The basic fertility test in a man is semen analysis and a routine examination by the Andrologist with ruling out of Varicocele. Further tests that may be needed include:

  • USG and Colour Doppler Scrotum
  • Hormonal tests
  • Karyotyping and Y chromosome study
  • Semen culture

Hence Gaurav was recommended to get all the above said tests done and was advised to come next day for the review of the results.

His latest semen analysis depicted that he had Zero sperm count which means he was Azoospermic. He got nervous to see the results. Dr. Vishal Gour made him counsel everything properly.

Dr.Vishal says that in about 20% of infertile couples, Male infertility is the sole cause of the inability to conceive and overall male factor is responsible in 40-50% of cases as sole or contributing factor and can be treated by best Andrologist in Delhi.

Dr.Vishal explained the patient that with the advancement in medical science and the availability of advanced technology for treatment majority of azoospermic (Zero sperm count)patients have the chance to have their own genetic child.

The patient was explained few surgical options for sperm collection. At SCI International Hospital various procedures like PESA, TESE, Micro TESE are available to retrieve sperm from testes in patients with azoospermia.

SCI Hospital is one of the best and leading infertility centre in Delhi. Has one of the best Andrologist in Delhi. SCI Hospital is equipped with highly advanced technologies used in treating males with infertility.

Infertility Treatment explained by best Andrologist : Dr. Vishal

Dr.Vishal explained the patient about a procedure “Microsurgical Testicular Sperm Extraction” or “Micro-TESE” which has been developed to detect sperm in the testicles of men who have Nil sperm production.

Micro TESE is a new technique for targeted removal of sperm (male gamete-shukranu) tissue forming in men with no sperm in the semen analysis. It is rather a miracle stage, a boon for male infertility.   Micro-TESE has the following advantages:

  • Less Hormonal difference in testosterone after micro-TESE vs conventional
  • Higher Sperm retrieval rate
  • Less amount of tissue removed
  • This procedure is becoming standard of care of patients with no sperm.
  •  Less Testicular trauma

The patient got convinced for Micro TESE and the day for procedure selected.

The D-day arrived.  The procedure lasted for an hour and his sperm extracted. His sperm used for ICSI. The embryos implanted in his wife’s uterus and they now have an ongoing healthy and normal pregnancy now.

Infertility is fully treated. Couple should give a chance to them

Consult a doctor today.

We wish them a great future together as a family.

It is so unfair that anyone should ever have to experience infertility, but the fact of the matter is that they do.

Dr.Vishal Dutt Gour
Dr.Vishal Dutt Gour

Dr.Vishal Gour, Andrologist and Male infertility specialist advices not to suffer needlessly when you can have your own biological child.

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