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Bariatric surgery Delhi -Why is it Life Saviour

Bariatric surgery Delhi has  been found to be effective in people who are morbidly obese. Last year, reports confirmed that Bariatric surgery Delhi gave positive results in people who had reached fatal-level of obesity. Obesity is one of the most prevalent problems in the world, and also one of the most ignored ones. However, no matter how much you defend obesity as "just being healthy", the fact remains that obesity is fatal. But losing weight is no easy task, either. While few people have the conviction to follow rigorous diets and exercise routines, many opt for a far more convenient option: surgery. The most common and effective surgery or losing weight is inarguably Bariatric surgery Delhi.

What is Bariatric surgery ?

On the face value, Bariatric surgery Delhi can be understood as a weight loss surgery. It is a range of procedures performed over the stomach to affect the food and calorie intake of a person. A history of successful results has made Bariatric surgery Delhi almost synonymous to weight loss surgery.

Types of Bariatric surgery Delhi

We must keep in mind that "Bariatric surgery Delhi" is actually an umbrella term for various surgeries that aim to reduce the size of the stomach. Broadly, they could be categories as restrictive (simply restricting the amount of food you can eat) and malabsorptive (affective the minerals and calories you absorb rom the food). Some of the common procedures that fall under this category are: 1) Gastric sleeve The most popular bariatric surgical procedure, gastric sleeve permanently reduces the size of stomach by removing a large portion of it. The stomach size is reduced by about 15% and is made into tubular shape. It is, however, irreversible. It makes you feel less hungry and feel full sooner. 2) Gastric bypass Similar to gastric sleeve, gastric bypass procedure simply cuts away a … Continue Reading ››

Low Sperm Count Treatment

Low Sperm Count 

It wouldn't be an exaggeration if we say "there would be no life without sperms". Sperms are the cells which actually start the life cycle of every human. Life starts by the union of healthy sperm and egg. So, it's quite important that your sperms are healthy and abundant. However, Low Sperm Count is a reality.

However, in some situations, this might not be. Since fertilization is a process of probability, it is always of paramount important that the number of sperms is large enough to maximize the chances. And this is how having a low sperm count becomes a problem. Let’s know about the definition, causes and treatments of this problem that leads to male infertility –a condition when a male is unable to get a fertile female pregnant though widely believed that contribution of male towards infertility is low,  but the fact is .its a contributing factor in half of the cases. In 20% of caese , it is the sole factor.

What is low sperm count?

As the name signifies, low sperm count is a condition where the semen you ejaculate contains low number of sperms. "Low" is not a quantifiable term, but it is generally accepted that less than 15 million sperm per milliliter of semen can be considered as low sperm count.

Low sperm count is also known as oligospermia. Many people also tend to categorize absence of sperm as oligospermia. However, that condition is called azoospermia.


The primary symptom of low sperm count is the failure to conceive a child. Since sperm count offers no other contribution in body functions, there are hardly any other symptoms to diagnose the condition. If you are unable to conceive a child … Continue Reading ››