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8 Types Of Laparoscopy Surgery Cost Bariatric Surgery

What is Laparoscopy Surgery?

Laparoscopy SurgeryLaparoscopy Surgery can be termed as a distinct set of surgical methodology that involves very less invasion and is hence called as a Minimal invasive surgical procedure. The surgery is currently used for intestinal based problems, gallbladder and gynaecological problems.

A large number of intestinal surgeries are now performed using Laparoscopy, these include the surgeries for ulcerative colitis, cancer, rectal prolapse and Crown's disease. While it is true that there were initial concerns about the safety of such a radical new concept to treat cancers, numerous studies over the following years have time and again proven the efficacy of Laparoscopic surgeries for treating multiple health problems including colorectal cancers.

Why choose Laparoscopy Surgery over Open surgery

Open surgery can be considered as one of the earliest and traditional forms of surgeries and often involves a single incision on the patient's to surgically access the abdomen. The incisions made during the Open surgery are often large which enable the surgeons to get proper access to the patient's organs. On the contrary, Laparoscopic surgical technique focuses on performing multiple 0.5 to 1cm sized incisions placed strategically to perform the surgery.

Since the hospitalization post laparoscopy surgery procedures are relative short hence making successive surgeries quick and efficient.Laparoscopy Surgery

Laparoscopy as a surgical procedure yields maximum results when used for organs that are usually not easily accessible by the conventional surgical methods. Some of the organs which benefit from Laparoscopy are the stomach, pelvic region, liver and pancreas.

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Best Laparoscopic Surgery Treatment in Delhi

Best Laparoscopic Surgery Treatment in Delhi

Laparoscopic Surgery Treatment or minimal invasive surgeries is becoming increasingly popular for their benefits without effecting the purpose of it. Laparoscopic Surgery is a kind of Minimal Invasive Surgery, which most of the people are not aware about. Lets have a understanding on the same and upon the benefit it carries for the patients.

Laparoscopic Surgery Treatment

Laparoscopic surgery refers to the surgical procedures that involve inserting a laparoscope (a long, thin tube with a video camera mounted on it) into the body. Most of the minimal invasive surgeries use a similar procedure, laparoscopic surgeries are characterized by the use of laparoscopes.

Procedure of Laparoscopic Surgery Treatment

Laparoscopic surgeries involve inserting a laparoscope into the patient's body through a tiny cut. Usually, multiple such cuts are made into the body, each no bigger than half-an-inch. The camera mounted on the tube gives the surgeons a better view of what's inside on the computer screen.

Laparoscopic Surgery is executed using local anesthesia, when it numbs the area for the surgical site, so even though patient is awake during the surgery, he/she will not complaint for pain. While in the surgery, the surgeon draws an incision, and then inserts a small tube called a cannula. Cannula inflates the abdomen with carbon dioxide gas.

Usage  of Laparoscopic Surgery

  • Short Stay at hospital
  • Scar less to the patient
  • Minimal pain to the patient
  • Early recovery of the patient
  • High Success rate compared to traditional surgeries

Purpose for Laparoscopic surgeries

Diagnostic procedures: There are certain cases where laparoscopy is the most viable option. Diagnosing particularly in the pelvic or abdominal region, is best done non-invasively and laparoscopy is perfect solution for it.

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