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Male Infertility by Delhi based Andrologist Dr. Vishal Gour

Male Infertility  information by Delhi based Andrologist Dr. Vishal Gour Did you know that 25% to 35% of the time the sole reason of infertility in a couple is the male partner? As a woman is a birth giver, a myth has prevailed that only females are the root cause of infertility. Busting that myth we assure you that both men and women are equally affected by infertility. Imagine yourself having a terrible stomachache that simply means your stomach is not functioning properly; similarly infertility is the result of dysfunctioning of the reproductive system. A major misconception in the society is that infertility is an inconvenience when in reality it’s just like any other ailment. One which can be treated successfully. There is no definitive cause of why infertility in men occurs.  It can range from various reasons from extensive smoking, chronic alcohol abuse, varicocele to hormonal imbalances, chromosome Defects to name a few. A lesser known fact is that now even mental stress is a rising cause of male infertility.  Each and every individual is different physically hence will be different treatment methods for everyone. Living in the 21st century where medical science is touching the pinnacle of success. There comes a solution for almost everything. Once the problem is diagnosed, you can consult a specialist, and he will guide you from there. From simple surgeries to taking medicines, all sorts of treatment option are today available very easily. Unfortunately, the brutal and blunt truth of it all still stays the same. None of these treatments are 100% guaranteed to work on you. Although all these procedures do have a good chance of working but there is always a slim chance of them not achieving the desired goal. In such special cases many patients give up feeling dejected, but that’s when one should … Continue Reading ››

IVF Treatment Best & Affordable

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

Infertility is a dark, lonely situation which is hard to experience. It is difficult to live with the reality which comes with the countless trying, investigations and failure to conceive even after the various procedures. Medical science with its increasing advances has created a reproductive assistance to the infertile couples. In Vitro Fertilization or popularly known as IVF wherein the egg and sperm are fertilized in a laboratory dish and then transferred to the uterus. Sir Robert Edwards and Patrick Steptoe are the pioneers of IVF in 1978. Louise Brown is the first test tube baby born by IVF. Infertility can be due to both male and female factors which needs to be assessed carefully.

Which are the couples who can go for In Vitro Fertilization?

IVF can be useful in the patients with following conditions:
  • Women with blocked fallopian tubes
  • Male having low sperm count or abnormal structure and motility of sperms
  • Women with Endometriosis , ovarian failure, and ovulation disorders
  • Couples having genetic diseases in which conceiving is difficult
  • Unexplained infertility

What are the procedures of In Vitro Fertilization?

A couple has to undergo five steps  in IVF: 1: Stimulation of ovaries for egg production: Fertility drugs are given to stimulate the ovaries for ovulation or known as egg production. Normally, only one egg is released from ovaries.  Fertility drugs cause the ovaries to produce many eggs. Follicular studies are done to monitor the follicular growth and development through transvaginal ultrasounds.  Blood tests are also done to check levels of hormones. 2. Retrieving of eggs A small outpatient procedure is carried out to retrieve the eggs/follicular fluid aspiration from woman’s ovaries .The woman is put under anaesthesia. There is continuous monitoring of the woman’s reproductive system by ultrasound imaging. The doctor inserts a needle connected to a suction device into the vagina … Continue Reading ››