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Water Birth explained by Dr. Shivani Sachdev Gour

Dr Shivani Sachdev Gour Speaking on Water Birth:

Here’s why you should also go for a water birth like actress Shveta Salve

Experts say that there are many benefits of a water birth and more and more Indians today are opting for it
water birth delivery Actress Shveta Salve, who just announced her pregnancy on Instagram, has said that she would be going for a water birth. “I plan to deliver my baby in Goa, as my parents live there. Maharashtrians follow a tradition — the first child is born in the maternal grandmother’s house. I will opt for a water birth. Goa has many home birth centres, so it will be apt,” she said in an interview last week.

Understanding the concept of a water birth

“Water Birthing is an alternative birthing method where the mother delivers inside a pool of heated water. Water labour meanwhile is a method in which she labours in water but delivers outside,” says Dr Shelly Singh, MD (Senior consultant Obstetrics  and Gynaecology) Primus Super-Speciality Hospital in Chanakyapuri, Delhi. The basic theory is that the baby spends nine months in the amniotic fluid and in this method it is a similar water-based environment that is gentler and less stressful for the baby, she adds. Dr Shelly lists the steps of a water birth:
  • The mother enters water once she is in active labour.
  • She is constantly monitored using water proof dopplers and monitors by obstetricians or doulas (trained birth professionals) who give her constant medical, emotional and physical support.
  • Once the baby is delivered in water, he/ she is immediately raised out of water before he/ she takes his/ her first breath.
  • The baby doesn’t drown, therefore, water births are safe for the baby too.

Benefits of a water birth

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Micro Tese Treatment in delhi is reliable and affordable.  Sperms are obtained from the tissues extracted from the testicles of the patients who have zero sperm cell in semen; and it is done with the help of high grade microscope. This entire process is called micro-TESE. Micro Tese Treatment stands for Microsurgical Sperm Extraction. This involves an operation performed through a small midline incision in the scrotum, through which one or both testicles can be seen.  
MicroTese Treatment
Microscope used for MicroTese Treatment

MICRO TESE TREATMENT FOR MALE INFERTILITY                                                                  

With the advance and state of the art technology, sperm can be retrieved easily from the testicles of men with non-obstructive azoospermia. Microscopic testicular sperm extraction (MICRO TESE) is the microsurgical process in which a small part of the testicle tissue is removed from the areas of active sperm production with the help of a microscope and improve the sperm yield. Seminiferous tubules (structures where sperm is produced and transported) containing sperm can often be identified under an operating microscope after opening the testicles. This approach has a number of advantages over other sperm retrieval techniques. It maximizes the yield of spermatozoa while minimizing the amount of testicular tissue required and vascular injury created, by making identification blood vessels easier

What does the patient expect from MICRO TESE Treatment Centre

The chance of finding sperm with Micro-TESE is better than 60%. This is twice the chances of finding sperm by non-microsurgical or needle biopsies taken by general urologists.

Who needs MICRO TESE Treatment

Lack of sperm during ejaculation may be due to several reasons:
  • A Person does not have any sperm within the ejaculate due to defective sperm production or due to blockage in the sperm channels.