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Dr. ATUL VERMA, Senior psychologist from SCI International Hospital, New Delhi shares his inputs with Times of India Online. Do you think Indian companies should follow the French government's rule of banning work emails after 6 PM? Ans: - Banning emails after working hour can be a good idea that may release the stress level of employees to a certain level and that will also help them to separate the work and family life.

How is it impacting a working professional's personal life?

Ans:- In India people working in industries or organization are working from 9 to 5 and most of the time they leave home by 8 in the morning and reach home by 6 or 7 and sometime  8 or 9 pm  and person get time only evening and with his/her life. Suppose he also has office work to complete at home it became burden for him/her or he won't get time for family and sooner or later he may face stress burnout and this will affect them and company both negatively. This can lead to poor family life.

Does working stress lead to anxiety disorders?

Ans:- Stress can lead anxiety disorder or you can say any mental disorder because you will always remain in stress as you don't know when you are free or when and what time you will get some instructions from office that uncertainty lead to anxiety and stress. This can imbalance you personal life. What about the stinker emails? Can it impact a person's well-being? Ans: - Any kind of humiliation can affect you and your personal life including the stinker mail. But the good thing is you can handle it in appropriate way and your action can be controlled. Please suggest some tips on how people can learn to switch off after work and reduce stress. Ans:- There are few tips a. … Continue Reading ››